Our work can be long term, short term or open ended. My approach is to work with whatever emotional distress you may be going through, or whatever else you need to make sense of. Together, we work through this in an open, sensitive and private setting. I believe a respectful, safe and authentic relationship between client and therapist is key to meaningful therapeutic work.

With you, I aim to explore and reflect on your life on your terms, in a way that means something to you. This approach aims to look at how you feel in everyday life, what your relationships with other people are like and also how you feel about yourself. I am open to what you bring.

I aim to work with you person to person, respecting your individuality and identity, so you can feel truly listened to.

Together we can work through and explore what challenges you, working out what could be different, so you can move on again in your life.

It is astonishing how elements that seem insoluble become soluble when someone listens.” Carl Rogers